22 helmikuuta 2018

Freezing Cold

This bruce fence of my neighbour would need a good cutting.

As I said in my Tuesday post we have had it freezing cold 10-15 C below zero.
This Thursday morning we had - 20C!

But the LIGHT and pale winter SUN have made days so beautiful.
My friends more south are admiring snowdrops, we here in The North
pure sparkling snow and structures covered with snow!

In the summer I have some sedums growing on top of this old rusty thing.
This sundial is resting under blanket of snow - new energy for the next season :)

My only DIY of this winter - very lazy me! - was to make an ice lantern,
I did not have at home withering tulips that some have used,
so I took a few cactus branches that were rotting - too much water, poor me :)
Look at Taina's blog post, she has good instructions there.

Frost on a climber support.

And to finish with some white & blue flowers for Taina's Kukkailottelua.

A very pretty Streptocarpus - Aikasten nätti Soilikki!

#Green Weekend
I wish you all a lovely winter weekend - with snow or without!

20 helmikuuta 2018

Floral Bliss #60

This week some small hydrangeas that I saw in town.
These are pot plants with only one large flower. Some hydrangeas were used in bouquets
with baby's breath / Gypsophila. The color selection was very beautiful.
But today I'll show you only the blue ones.

This week we have had glorious winter days:
clear sky, sun and about -10 - 15 C. White snow sparkles & birds are singing.
The LIGHT is something unbelievable after the darkness of winter.

In another shop there were larger ones too.

Helsinki time
Please join & share your photos with us!

Light to your week, stay warm! - Valoa viikkoonne, pysykää lämpiminä!

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